About Us

Established in 2010, Star Properties HK principally engages in property development and investment, covering industrial, commercial, residential, and retail markets. Star is one of the most creative and innovative property developers in Hong Kong. The Star Brand is renowned for its exquisite quality, as well as its visionary and purposeful design. Over the years, Star Properties has expanded into other related services, including property management, construction, contracting, and others. Star Properties Subgroup now provides all-rounded property-related services to satisfy clients’ every need. The business is managed by a leadership team with different expertise and with proven track record. Having expanded into South Korea since 2018, Star Properties Subgroup is now a well-represented player in both the Hong Kong and South Korea market.

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OUR Business

Our Commitments

The Star Group believes that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind every business success. Started out as an entrepreneurial pursuit, the Group has grown since its establishment in 1998. The Group continues to look for talented staff, passionate and enthusiastic partners, and business counterparts that have similar vision. The commitment to entrepreneurship is not only limited to the Group’s own activities but extend to the business community.

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