Competitive Strength

Product focused: Star Properties prioritizes product quality, including the exterior and interior design, and the usage of material. The Company always creates a distinguished building outlook that stands out with a great style while being in tune with the theme of the building. It also takes great pains in maximizing the usage of space in the interior design and features that benefit the users. Materials used are sourced all over the world to ensure that the product has the highest quality and value. Innovative features are often added to provide extra value, examples being the direct fiber optics in every unit and an outdoor farm within a complex, etc.

Customer experience: While design is of high focus, the Company does not lose sight of the user experience, which leads to a long period of discussion on the final design, layout, and features. It is painstaking to revise the design but that is essential to achieve a product that the customer find the most user friendly. This persistence is often at odds with cost and time, but customer satisfaction is always the highest priority.

After sale & Add on service: Star Properties believes the sale of the property is just the beginning of the relationship with the buyer and not the end. The Company specifically sets up Star Property Management to ensure a good post-sale service that not only provides the standard daily services as required but also goes out of its way to find new value-added services available from Star Group. The Company strongly believes that good property management service will elevate the value of the property.

Commitment to good purposes and causes: Star Properties, a part of Star Group, strongly commits to the core values of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the environment. In choosing the building material, the Company makes great efforts in selecting suppliers that share similar values. The Company often partners with new companies and start-ups that not only support the community but also allow the exploration of fresh ideas and approaches. Certain events like concerts and competitions are sponsored as well.